End-users requirements findings

During the activity analysis of the intended audience (i.e. seniors, formal and informal caregivers) several needs have appeared. These needs, converted into requirements, have been prioritized in order to keep the most important information and feasible features regarding to the digital assistant-based possibilities. To give a more precise idea of what has been identified, here are some of the collated requirements, presented separately between the basic information and the customizable tools that the digital assistant will provide.

In a general way, the digital assistant will be able to track and record daily life data and to set several reminders considering: medical visits, medicine and treatment intakes, physical exercises and diets. On another hand, the digital assistant will provide other kinds of reminders to reinforce information about care procedures and health practices. The digital assistant will thus include instructions on how to react in case of emergency, who to reach and how (list of phone and email contacts related to their care), and give a simple and permanent access to the frequently asked questions, in case of doubts. Those general requirements represent an added value because they will insure and increase the patient’s chances of rehabilitation by providing seniors and informal caregivers understandable information by a regular non-invasive monitoring. The other added value of the collated requirements is the possibility to offer a digital assistant able to provide personalized services. Nearly all general requirements listed above, will be parameterized according to specifically end-users needs and therefore can be considered as customizable. Moreover, other requirement such as psychological monitoring can also be personalized. Given that each senior has often mental health problems in addition to heart failure, it would be nice to offer them a personalized psychological support. Last but not least, to improve the use of the digital assistant, the intended audience have also to be trained on a simple and fast way on digital assistant’s operation, as this tool is unknown to them. Those personalized trainings, each end-users having their own difficulties and needs, will be given through videos and booklets.

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