Great AAL Lean Canvas workshop

In October, H2HCare AAL-project attended a two-day workshop with the META Group as coaches in a webinar. The workshop’s objective is to get AAL-projects started with mapping out our potential business-models and ways of commercialising the project.

At the workshop we learnt about the Lean Canvas, which is type of SWAT-model that can help businesses develop a unique value proposition for their business. In addition this Canvas helps you think through what problems your product or service solves, what customers to sell to and creating a revenue model. We were also helped by our designated EU-coaches to develop our own Lean Canvas. By splitting into groups and doing case-studies, we experienced first hand how to do this exercise.

In the second work-shop in November the theme was how to develop a unique selling proposition through using a Value Proposition Canvas. By thinking through the customer segments work tasks and understanding their pains, we could establish what they would gain from using our products or services. And by identifying the pain relievers what gains could the customer achieve. Also in this work-shop we had great help from our coaches from the META Group in Rome, Italy. By extracting key metrics from the Unique Value Proposition Canvas we were able to easily put together a sentence that states our Unique Value Proposition in a simple “elevator pitch” in a professional way. The last work-shop is in the end of December, and will form a solid basis for our work going forward.

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