Final version for H2HCare architecture

H2HCare consortium released the 2nd and final version for the H2HCare platform architecture as deliverable D1.4 (see Library section)

The refined version of the H2HCare conceptual architecture comprises three customizable services that take advantage of various techniques and technologies such as IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and social digital assistants to improve post-discharge follow-up and adherence to treatment plan and to reduce communication gaps for an optimal transition of care journey for the patients with heart failure: Pre-discharge Comprehensive Elders Risk Assessment Service, Older Adult Post-Discharge Monitoring and Follow-up Service and Digital assistant-based Coaching and Intervention Service. For each service the high-level interfaces are added in D1.4 together with the envisioned interaction flow inside the architecture to better highlight the integration process that will be used in H2HCare.

The selected technologies for building the H2HCare system comprise of: TelluCloud IoT monitoring infrastructure that will be adapted and enhanced for H2HCare specific needs; Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data Analytics techniques to process the heterogeneous and distributed streams of monitored data to establish the baseline Daily Life Activities of older adult and to detect changes in patients’ activity routines which may signal progression of his/her symptoms; KOMP digital assistant used to include care feedback and anticipatory guidance for transitional care and solutions to help doctors in creating intervention roadmaps and list of actions / activities that can be delivered directly to the other adults; AV1 telepresence digital assistant which enables one-way video streaming and two-way audio streaming to be used in the controlled environment testing.

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