H2HCare participation to the online seminar “Ethics and Privacy in AAL”

On 29 June HUG partner has represented the H2HCare consortium at the online event “Ethics and privacy in the age of digital transformation” an interactive workshop organised by AALProgramme and R2M Solution (http://www.aal-europe.eu/join-online-seminar-ethics-and-privacy-in-aal/).

The workshop participants collaborated and discussed for 90 minutes the possibilities of properly addressing ethics and privacy in AAL projects to obtain high quality in R&D related to human-technology interactions.

At the event the AAL Guidelines for Ethics, Data Privacy and Security, released in 2020 were discussed and initial lessons learnt from discussions with solutions developers, health and care providers, user organisations were presented.

Moreover, the participants discussed the opportunity for developing a formal ‘ethical excellence’ recognition system for Active & Healthy Ageing (AHA) digital solutions.

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