H2HCare aims to support seniors with heart failure in their transition from acute (hospital) to the community (home) care by providing a robot-based coaching system for helping them to follow the recommended post-discharge treatment plan and lifestyle changes.

Using the robot the H2HCare system will provide the following functionalities to end-users:

  1. virtual coaching and a direct link with doctors for older adults during their convalescence empowering them to self-manage their recovery at home and avoid hospital readmission;
  2. support for increasing their adherence to post-discharge instructions;
  3. assist health professionals through older adults with accurate monitoring and follow-up for preventing re-hospitalization.

H2HCare system will offer to older adults’ patients a personalized robot-based coaching post-discharge and support to reduced rehospitalisation using a set of customizable and integrated services.

The Pre-Discharge Comprehensive Elders Risk Assessment Service will help doctors to determine the readmission risks associated with each older adult patient by conducting a comprehensive “whole-person” assessment and to configure and personalize the robot-based intervention accordingly.

The Older Adult Post-Discharge Monitoring and Follow-up Service will use sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor and detect daily life activities that are not in line with the post-discharge treatment, care recommendations and medication plan.

The Robot-based Coaching and Intervention Service provides timely intervention through personalized care and coordinated guidance and motivation for the older adults’ patients and associated informal caregivers to adhere to the post-discharge treatment recommendations.

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