Final version for H2HCare architecture

H2HCare consortium released the 2nd and final version for the H2HCare platform architecture as deliverable D1.4 (see Library section) The refined version of the H2HCare conceptual architecture comprises three customizable services that take advantage of various techniques and technologies such as IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and social digital assistants to improve post-discharge follow-up and adherenceContinue reading “Final version for H2HCare architecture”

1st version for services co-design

In January the H2HCare consortium released the first version of the H2HCare system services design together with their associated mockups as part of deliverable D1.3 – Services co-design and intelligent dashboard mock-ups – 1st version. This deliverable describes the technical aspects, interfaces design and internal data flows of the three different service components that willContinue reading “1st version for services co-design”

AAL/H2020 projects workshop

H2HCare coordinator participated to a workshop at the Proinvent 2020 event where the ongoing AAL projects H2HCARE , ReMemberMe  and ReMIND participated with presentations about the current research and development activities in each project. The participants exchanged thouths, feedback and ideas about the projects ambitious goals, involved technologies and current COVID situation that poses risks for end-users involvement.

H2HCare 1st plenary (Virtual) meeting

On 10th of November the project partners participated to the 1st H2HCare plenary meeting that due to the current COVID context was held onlyne using Skype for Business. All partners have presented the status of their current activities and they have planned the future action points to be done in order to follow the projectContinue reading “H2HCare 1st plenary (Virtual) meeting”

MediTech 2020 conference participation

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUC), H2HCare project coordinator participated at the 7th International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology (ONLINE CONFERENCE) – MediTech2020, held between 13 – 15 October 2020. The MediTech 2020 conference provides a special opportunity for the scientists to exchange their know-how and build up collaboration in one of theContinue reading “MediTech 2020 conference participation”

H2Hcare – what some Norwegian seniors think

We have interviewed some seniors in Norway as to their thoughts of the usefulness of the H2Hcare system – all in the name of user-driven-design. The seniors were selected from voluntary members of the NGO Seniornett and 6 patients and 5 informal caregivers were interviewed. They were all in the age group 69 to 82Continue reading “H2Hcare – what some Norwegian seniors think”

Research article and participation at the ICCP2020 conference

The H2HCare project coordinator Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has participated at the 2020 IEEE 16th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing with a research paper about older adults activity recognition in AAL environments. A. V. Vesa, V. Simion, R. Rus, M. Antal, C. Pop, I. Anghel, T. Cioara and I. Salomie,“Human Activity Recognition usingContinue reading “Research article and participation at the ICCP2020 conference”

H2HCare state of the art and vision journal paper

TUC published a review paper about smart environments and social robots in a Q1 (top) web of knowledge journal, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Impact Factor 2.84. Anghel, I.; Cioara, T.; Moldovan, D.; Antal, M.; Pop, C.D.; Salomie, I.; Pop, C.B.; Chifu, V.R. Smart Environments and Social Robots for Age-Friendly Integrated CareContinue reading “H2HCare state of the art and vision journal paper”