H2HCare at MIE2021 congress

On 30th May 2021, H2HCare team was invited to the MIE2021 (Medical Information Europe Congress) to present a an accepted peer-reviewed paper dedicated to the process of searching, gathering and determining end-user requirements, used as basis for the co-creation of a social robot. This technological tool has to ensure and support home cardiac care andContinue reading “H2HCare at MIE2021 congress”

H2HCare recruitment and test protocol

In January 2021, the H2HCare consortium released the first version of the H2HCare plans for end-user recruitment and test protocols as part of deliverable D3.2 – Recruitment and test protocol. This deliverable describes the different usability tests: heuristic evaluation, formative tests and different field trials necessary to carry out user-centered development within the H2HCare project. Continue reading “H2HCare recruitment and test protocol”

End-users requirements findings

During the activity analysis of the intended audience (i.e. seniors, formal and informal caregivers) several needs have appeared. These needs, converted into requirements, have been prioritized in order to keep the most important information and feasible features regarding to the digital assistant-based possibilities. To give a more precise idea of what has been identified, hereContinue reading “End-users requirements findings”