Covidig webinar

Together with SINTEF Digital, Tellu hosted a webinar on the use of cameras and other sensors for digital supervision and home monitoring, video consultations and interaction meetings, 5 May 2022.

The webinar was be based on the Research Council’s project, COVIDig, where solutions from Tellu for digital supervision and video conferencing were further developed during the corona crisis for users who live at home or in shared housing. Also Tellu presented an overview of the H2HCare project for remote care.

Bodø municipality and Kristiansand municipality are public partners who have contributed to innovation, efficient resource utilization and maintaining good service offerings throughout the pandemic. In the webinar, the municipalities shared their experiences with the use of health services, and what lessons they have learned so far.

Longitudinal Field Trials in CH

The first Longitudinal Field Trials of the project are currently run in Switzerland and coordinated by HUG consortium partner. The enrolled end-users are currently testing the H2HCare prototype in their homes. Healthcare professionals will also test the parts of the platform dedicated to them.

Feedback will be gathered, incorporated in a project deliverable and will be used for refining the prototype before starting the first LFT in Norway, coordinated by SeniorNett consortium partner.

H2HCare at AAL Call 2021 Coordinators’ Day in Brussels

On 20 April 2022, the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca participated at the AAL Call 2021 Coordinators’ Day in Brussels, organized by the AAL Programme.

In the meeting, AAL Project Officers and experts presented topics about efficient coordination and management of an AAL project as well as guidelines on ethics/data privacy and what support is offered at AAL level for coordinators.

One important topic of discussion was the Mid-Term Review Process and how coordinators need to approach it in terms of agenda, presentations, and demonstrations.

F2F project MTR meeting

On the 5th of April 2022 in Oslo, Norway, H2HCare consortium organized a Face to Face (F2F) Mid Term Review meeting with the AAL Project Officer and two AAL experts. The meeting was held in the premises of SeniorNett consortium partner.

The consortium presented the project achievements until month 24 of implementation in terms of End-user trials and ethics, Business plan and impact, H2HCare platform development, and project management.

The consortium gathered valuable suggestions and recommendations from the AAL experts that will be used to refine and improve the project outcomes.

Intermediate Business Plan updated

An updated version of the H2HCare business plan was released in February as deliverable D4.3 v 1.5.

The deliverable presents the intermediate business plan of the H2HCare services. In October 2020, H2HCare AAL-project attended a two-day workshop, the AAL Lean Start-up Academy, with the META Group as coaches in a webinar. The workshop’s objective was to get AAL-projects started with mapping out our potential business-models and ways of commercializing the project.

The feedback provided in the Midterm project review report (2021) summarized the positive and negative aspects of the potential commercialization of our H2HCare solution. The project group is working to incorporate the feedback into the original project but have additionally decided to explore alternative routes for commercializing the project.

A workshop between the partners in December 2021, resulted in a new potential commercialization strategy focused on heart failure patients after returning from hospital/rehabilitation stays and to their homes, which is expanded on in the alternative business plan . 

New article in Sensors journal

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca published in the context of the H2HCare project an article in Sensors journal, a Quartile Q1 Web of Science Open Access Journal with 3.57 Impact Factor, with the title “Identifying and Monitoring the Daily Routine of Seniors Living at Home”:

Chifu, V.R.; Pop, C.B.; Demjen, D.; Socaci, R.; Todea, D.; Antal, M.; Cioara, T.; Anghel, I.; Antal, C. Identifying and Monitoring the Daily Routine of Seniors Living at Home. Sensors 2022, 22, 992.  

The paper is also available in the library.

First trials results in Norway (D3.4)

Field trials in Norway have finished in November. The feedback gathered has been included in deliverable D3.4 1st field trials evaluation feedback report published in December 2021.

D3.4 also contains enhancements and updates to the trials protocols to be used as base for the Longitudinal Field Trials in Switzerland to be started January 2022. A brief overview of D3.4 protocol and plan is presented below.

Project quality plan updates (D5.1)

An updated version of the deliverable D5.1 Project Quality Control Plan has been issued by the consortium containing enhancements for the risk management process especially concerning the risks posed by the COVID pandemics and at the same time for the Advisory Board structure.

Considering the need to gather and incorporate in our innovation process the feedback and requirements of tertiary stakeholders we have defined a new structure for the AB:

  • Older adults care associations representatives
  • Hospital and insurance companies’ representatives
  • Business stakeholders (AAL market and commercialization)
  • Technology experts

H2HCare at 2021 IEEE ICCP

H2Hcare consortium participated to the 2021 IEEE 17th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (ICCP 2021, held October 28-30, 2021 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. TUC has presented two papers connected with the project:

  • V. R. Chifu, C. B. Pop, A. Ciurianu, E. Chifu, M. Antal, Machine Learning-based Approach for Predicting Health Information Using Smartwatch Data, 2021 IEEE 17th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing
  • I. A. Bozdog, D. Todea, M. Antal, C. Antal, T. Cioara, I. Anghel, I. Salomie, Human Behavior and Anomaly Detection using Machine Learning and Wearable Sensors, 2021 IEEE 17th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing