H2Hcare project ending

The H2Hcare project aimed to develop a digital assistance platform that integrates Internet of Things (IoT) devices, machine learning and a digital assistant to support elderly people with heart failure in their transition from hospital discharge to home care. The platform provides a direct link between patients and doctors through which doctors can answer patients’Continue reading “H2Hcare project ending”

ICCP2023 paper submission

H2HCare paper submitted to 2023 IEEE 19th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (ICCP 2023), to be held October 26-28, 2023 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Title: A Machine Learning based Platform for Remote Management of Heart Failure Patients Abstract: Heart failure is a growing concern due to its high incidence nowadays, also representing aContinue reading “ICCP2023 paper submission”

Field trials closed

The H2HCare final trials in Switzerland have been closed. The consortium is preparing the final project deliverable with evaluation feedback and suggestions from end-users. As an early feedback, the system has been well received by all users, and they all provided very interesting suggestions. Seniors were motivated to test the devices and got particularly reactiveContinue reading “Field trials closed”

Longitudinal Field Trials in CH

The Hospitals University of Geneva (HUG) are currently conducting a 3-month Long Field trial of the H2HCare system in Geneva. Testing began in mid-March, and installations in all SHF homes were completed in the first week of April. 5 KOMP components from the HUG and all devices connected to the H2Hcare system were installed inContinue reading “Longitudinal Field Trials in CH”

Tellu – Komp integration

Tellu’s Remote Patient Monitoring service has been integrated with No Isolation’s Komp service. As TelluCare provides remote health care and Komp provides social interaction, the two services complement each other. The care plan which is stored in TelluCare is synchronized with the Komp calendar, so that the schedule of medical measurements is shown on theContinue reading “Tellu – Komp integration”

Cluj Innovation Days 2023

May, 24-26, 2023, Cluj-Napoca: TUC has participated to the Innovation Days event, the biggest technology event in Transilvania. TUC has managed a stand where the ongoing research projects (AAL and H2020) where represented through live presentations and demos. At the event major companies, universities, municipalities and policy makers from Romania have participated totalling more thanContinue reading “Cluj Innovation Days 2023”

ExpoTech 2023

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca organized a new edition of the “Night of the Museums” event in Cluj-Napoca, between May 12 – 13, 2023, at The Center for Urban Culture – Casino, where a unique technology exhibition took place: ExpoTech@UTCN, a foray into the universe of innovation. During this exhibition, the participants were able toContinue reading “ExpoTech 2023”

Participation to Aimed 2023 workshop

TUC has presented the H2HCare project in the national event Aimed (Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) workshop, Bucharest, Romania https://aiexcellence.upb.ro/workshop_aiam2023/#descriere. The presentation with the title “Ambient Intelligence for Personalized Healthcare” has been done by Prof. Ionut Anghel from TUC team. Many stakeholders have participated to the workshop including government representatives, eHealth companies, hospitals, municipalities,Continue reading “Participation to Aimed 2023 workshop”

New article in Applied Sciences journal

Chifu, V.R.; Cioara, T.; Pop, C.B.; Anghel, I.; Demjen, D.; Salomie, I. Identification of Daily Living Recurrent Behavioral Patterns Using Genetic Algorithms for Elderly Care. Appl. Sci. 2022, 12, 11030. https://doi.org/10.3390/app122111030 Abstract: A person’s routine is a sequence of activities of daily living patterns recurrently performed. Sticking daily routines is a great tool to support the care ofContinue reading “New article in Applied Sciences journal”