Articol in jurnalul Applied Sciences

Chifu, V.R.; Cioara, T.; Pop, C.B.; Anghel, I.; Demjen, D.; Salomie, I. Identification of Daily Living Recurrent Behavioral Patterns Using Genetic Algorithms for Elderly Care. Appl. Sci. 202212, 11030.

Abstract: A person’s routine is a sequence of activities of daily living patterns recurrently performed. Sticking daily routines is a great tool to support the care of persons with dementia, and older adults in general, who are living in their homes, and also being useful for caregivers. As state-of-the-art tools based on self-reporting are subjective and rely on a person’s memory, new tools are needed for objectively detecting such routines from the monitored data coming from wearables or smart home sensors. In this paper, we propose a solution for detecting the daily routines of a person by extracting the sequences of recurrent activities and their duration from the monitored data. A genetic algorithm is defined to extract activity patterns featuring small differences that relate to the day-to-day contextual variations that occur in a person’s daily routine. The quality of the solutions is evaluated with a probabilistic-based fitness function, while a tournament-based strategy is employed for the dynamic selection of mutation and crossover operators applied for generating the offspring. The time variability of activities of daily living is addressed using the dispersion of the values of duration of that activity around the average value. The results are showing an accuracy above 80% in detecting the routines, while the optimal values of population size and the number of generations for fitness function evolution and convergence are determined using multiple linear regression analysis.

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